6 slot storage bed




These beautiful farmhouse beds are so practical and from our perspective easier to use than a drawer storage bed. Here is why. When you have a drawer storage bed you are continually humped over taking clothes in and out. With a cubby type bed you simply buy you some baskets of your choice “some do wicker, some even do light wooden crates to fit” and then you can slide them out, set them on top of your bed while you put your clothes in or take them out. Not the back breaker that a drawer bed is. You can do a variety of patterns on the headboard too. Singe x, double, none at all, etc, etc. Get it built the way you want it, the size you want it. If you just like the bed we can also do it with just the side rails which knocks the cost way down. Get it stained or painted in the color of your choice. Just call for custom colors and give us a minwax stain color or Sherwin Williams paint swatch name and number.


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