Quality exterior western red cedar shutters




We manufacture the finest in quality exterior red cedar shutters. Western red cedar is the standard in exterior shutters, both for long wear and beauty. We choose select boards with only small, tight knots if any knots at all. Totally clear or “knot less” shutters are available at a premium. These shutters are on our own home and look just like they did when I installed them years ago. Pricing includes staining and clear coating. We price our shutters base priced at 16 inches wide and the price listed is per inch, per shutter. For example a 7.5 inch long shutter will run you 190.00 at 2.53 per inch. So a pair of 75″s would cost 380.00. If you want raw product with no stain or clear coat your cost is 2.15 per inch. These are standard 3 board 2 batten shutters like pic shown. We’ve built every type of style you can imagine, but for pricing on others you will need to send us a pic and sizes. This is a call in only item as the website will not calculate the costs for you. Just ask for Rob.


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